Spa at Peaceful Resort

A true reflection of our business name is the peaceful spa. We offer professional massages with specialists of more than 30 years of experience. It is a comfortable and spacious atmosphere with many types of massages, sauna, jacuzzi, and you can even hear the noise of waves crashing on the beach while in the spa. This full satisfying experience is what we offer our guests here at Peaceful Resort. Our specialists will introduce to all offers to help you to find the optimal massage based on your wishes and health. We have just completely renovated the entire spa for a brand-new experience with relaxing atmospheric music and pleasant aromas.

Body Massage

Romantic Massage

The romantic massage is a traditional Vietnamese massage with less pressure than the regular massage. The romantic massage is usually chosen by women because of the relaxing and smooth touch on the pressure points with an abundant use of aromatic oils. The procedure helps to relieve fatigue and improve the elasticity of the skin. The masseuse alternates between smooth and vigorous rubbing, leaving you with no muscle tension, relaxed and satisfied. Pay careful attention to the time that you want to schedule your massage. If you schedule your massage before 5pm, you will feel revitalized and energetic. If you schedule your massage after 5pm a sound a peaceful sleep is guaranteed. The duration of the massage is one hour, and the cost is 480.000 dong.

Vietnamese Traditional Massage

Many people have heard of Chinese or Thai massages, but very few people know that Vietnamese massage is a whole philosophical doctrine about the balance of vital energy and surprising technicality of performance. If the energy of the body is in equilibrium, then the body can maintain health and longevity. If it is not, then the body will begin to get sick. Vietnamese traditional massage is based on the pressure on acupuncture points, which relieves tension in muscles, improves blood circulation, and accelerates the process of removing toxins from the body. In Vietnamese massage, there are almost no stretch marks because it is based on rubbing and acupuncture points. Vietnamese traditional massage helps to overcome the chronic state of fatigue and relieves negative emotions. After this process a perfect activity is to walk by the sea, or spend time by the panoramic pool. The duration of the massage is 60 minutes and costs 480.000 dong.

Peaceful Massage

Our most popular massage is coined from the name of the resort, the peaceful massage. This is our pride and very unique performance. The session is conducted by a professional doctor with 30 years of experience. Similar to the Vietnamese traditional massage, the peaceful massage is a technique of accurately pin pointing your pressure points. This accelerates the withdrawal of toxins, improves muscle tone, well-being, and restores the natural balance of the body. The session lasts 75 minutes and the masseuse works with the entire body. It starts with the acupuncture points of your feet and ends with your head. Peaceful massage is based on the Chinese doctrine of the balance of energy in the human body. It is this massage that helps to restore and maintain the balance of power in the body. In addition, this massage will help cure back and shoulder pain, and make the skin more elastic. The cost of the massage is 550.000 dong.

Facial Care

Refreshing coconut mask

Vietnamese masseuse use all-natural ingredients in the massages. It is a pleasure to see how they mix tropical fruits, ginger or coconut before a massage. The sun makes skin dry so if you want to solve this problem, do not neglect professional skin care. A natural coconut mask will refresh and moisturize the skin. It is an ideal nutritional and rejuvenating product. The mask softens the skin, giving it a smooth and velvety look. The massage lasts 60 minutes and costs 320.000 dong.

After sun soothing mask with minerals and aloe

One of the most popular spa treatments is a soothing massage with aloe. If you spend one year waiting for a vacation, yearning for the sea, and the first day of your vacation you get sun burned. The massage with aloe is a real elixir for sun burns. Aloe surprisingly quickly affects the damaged skin, removes redness, moisturizes and soothes the skin. After the first session you will see that your skin becomes more elastic and smooth, but the most importation thing is there is not a trace of redness from your sun burn. The duration of the massage is 30 minutes and costs 320.000 dong.


The use of the sauna is widely known for its numerous healing properties. In addition, you can relax, relieve stress and have a good time. When you are in the sauna the blood vessels expand, brain activity decreases, which causes you to relax even further. An indisputable plus of the sauna, is improving the health of the bod. As the body temperature rises, viruses die, metabolism increases, and the sodium of your body decreases. Steam cleanses the pores of the skin, which causes it to become more supple and soft. Sauna in conjunction with the massage will have a terrific effect, even after just one visit. Being in the sauna for more than 15 minutes is not recommended. The cost of a 15-minute stay in the sauna is 100.000 dong.

Foot and Hand

Traditional Foot massage

Foot massage has an amazing effect on the condition of the entire body. Traditional Vietnamese foot massage tones the muscles of the legs, relieves fatigue and most importantly, pressure points in the foot help pin point different organs in the body. For example, big toes affect the functioning of the brain, and the heel on the sex glands. With the help of reflex points, many pain can be relieved including a general state of health. Foot massage lasts 60 minutes and costs 350.000 dong. Foot massage with aromatherapy costs 480.000 dong.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone therapy has been known to people for a long time as a remedy in the fight against many diseases. Hot stones relax the muscles, and contrast massage from hot and cold stones, relaxes the walls of the blood vessels. This massage also helps to relieve, headaches, and relax and restore a healthy metabolism. The masseuse puts hot stones on certain areas of the body, which affects the general condition of the body. This helps to increase resistance to stress and cheerfulness of the spirit. If your feet are hurting a lot, this massage with hot stones and aromatic herbs is perfect. The duration of the massage is 75 minutes, the cost is 350.000 dong.

Package Offer 1

For guests that want to have a set of procedures we have prepared several package offers. Each offer includes the best spa services at a significant discount. The spa program of the first package lasts 4 hours. This includes foot massage with ginger oil, traditional massage, mud wrap, and hot stone massage. The cost of this package is 1.800.000 dong.

Package Offer 2

The second package includes the romantic massage, sauna, mud wrap, and hot stone massage. The procedure lasts 4 hours and the cost is 1.800.000 dong. At Peaceful Resort we offer the best masseuse to work towards your health and beauty.