Restaurant Hoa Su

Restaurant Hoa Su is more than just a restaurant. Its an opportunity to relax and enjoy a nice meal with family, or make a romantic dinner for you as a couple. Our chef will indulge you with exquisite Vietnamese or European dishes prepared from local organic ingredients.

The spacious and cozy restaurant is waiting for you in the heart of Peaceful resort. The restaurant is two floors with wooden accents, and located right next to a picturesque pond, a perfect place to enjoy our specialty cuisine.

At Peaceful Resort we invite our guests to enjoy a complimentary buffet breakfast. The chefs combine traditional Vietnamese and European cuisine, so everyone can find something to satisfy their hunger. Our buffet includes: Omelets, Pho Soup with noodles (the most famous dish in Vietnamese cuisine), transparent ravioli, sandwiches, muffins.  Every morning, to your delight, there is always fresh fruit prepared on the table, passion fruit juice, orange juice and even sugar cane juice (another local specialty) and goes without saying, lots and lots of Vietnamese coffee. The climate of Vietnam harbors the perfect conditions for growing the world’s best coffee. The coffee bean receives plenty of water, sun and nutrients to bring you the perfect coffee. Local coffee is famous around the world for its unique taste. The flavor of our coffee mixes a combination of cocoa, dark chocolate, vanilla, caramel and cream. We usually serve coffee straight or with condensed sweet milk. As many tourists have discovered, once you try this coffee you will love it forever.

Everybody has different preferences but our chefs know exactly what to offer you. On our menu is some of the best dishes of Vietnamese and European cuisine. One of the most popular dishes we offer is fried crocodile with fragrant rice. If you are ready for an exotic culinary experience then this dish is just what you have been looking for. The crocodile meat is ecologically clean. The texture of the meat is similar to beef, but tastes closer to chicken. Crocodile meat is also very high in protein, and low in fat and cholesterol.  This exotic delicacy you can try in our restaurant with spices and a sweet and sour sauce.

At our restaurant there is a plethora of seafood choices at your disposal. We have; fried squid with vegetables and rice, steam shrimp with coconut, tiger shrimp with garlic butter, scallops with onion, steamed shrimp with pineapple. We offer only fresh gifts of the sea for your consumption. Nutritional value and the number of calories in seafood make it one of the most popular dishes on our menu. Dishes with shrimp have a unique taste with a side of rice and vegetables perfectly complimented by a special sauce. Another useful fact about shrimp, it’s great for your heart and positively influences on the cardiovascular system.

Another popular dish on our menu is seafood with fragrant rice served with vegetables. We then cut a pineapple in half and put this entire dish inside the pineapple. This dish is an original, spectacular, and undoubtedly delicious treat. The combination of salty, bitter, sweet and a little bit of spice will appeal to anyone interested in Asian cuisine. In addition, this dish has an aesthetic appearance, a special taste and won’t cause you to sacrifice your figure.

The chef of our restaurant offers several dishes from the cobia fish. The cobia fish, is a large fish and the meat has a very light color. It looks similar to the Spanish mackerel. This fish is especially delicious fried or grilled. We serve cobia with basil and lemon juice and side of rice with steam vegetables or your choice of salad.

Lovers of Italian cuisine are advised to check our pasta menu. Pasta Bolognese, Carbonara, Naples Pasta, and pasta with seafood and white sauce are all great pasta items on our menu. These dishes have an exquisite and tender taste, that will leave you impressed, especially after spending the day on the beach. Our seafood pasta is drizzled with olive oil, calamari, king shrimp, and finally sown with a delicious white sauce. A real taste of Italy in Ke Ga is offered here.

The national dish of Vietnam is soup, and people eat soup at different times during the day. The most popular soup is Pho and is consumed both at breakfast and dinner. In our menu we offer different types of Pho, but the base of the soup is always a rich broth, noodles with lemon, fresh pepper, lemongrass, ginger and onions. In Pho we usually add beef, chicken or meatballs. These are added at the very end, after the base is made with fresh greens sprinkled on top. If you prefer a more European cuisine we recommend our cream and mushroom soup. We also offer soups based from carrot, potato, and pumpkin. For seafood lovers we have soups from crab and shrimp.

A perfect complimentary dish to your main course can be our special salads. We have a seasonal vegetable salad, chicken salad, tuna salad, beef and seafood salads. Our salads all come with a special dressing that will surprise you with a fresh bright taste without all the calories.

At Peaceful Resort guests all around the world will be satisfied with our offerings. Many big cities are offering types of sandwiches, especially the all popular club sandwich. Our club sandwich is two pieces of toast with bacon, chicken, ham, egg, fresh tomatoes, and onion. The sandwich is cut in to four pieces and secured with a toothpick. In addition to the club sandwich, we have a ham and cheese sandwich, a tuna sandwich, chicken sandwich, or even just garlic bread. All sandwiches are served with French fries.

Deserts of the restaurant are simple and elegant. Coconut, chocolate vanilla and mint ice cream are all the perfect conclusion to a hot day by the sea. Seasonal fruits, fried bananas with ice cream and wine or even fried pineapples. Deserts are all complimented perfectly by our classical cocktails; mojito, pina colada, margarita, mai tai, long island, gin and tonic, Singapore sling, and our special cocktails, the tropical colada, Hoa Su dream, honeymoon and fruit punch.

High quality service, friendly staff, and a large selection of foods are available for you at Hoa Su Restaurant at Peaceful Resort.