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Forget about everything and enjoy your vacation at Peaceful Resort

Peaceful Resort is located by the shore in the small touristic city of Ke Ga, Binh Thuan Province.  It is 27 kilometers from Phan Thiet and 180 Kilometers from Ho Chi Minh. Ke Ga is a very secluded and private place for romantic people looking for comfortability far from the vanity of the city.

The unique infrastructure of the hotel will allow you to enjoy the silence and peacefulness without the noise of the city. Peaceful Resort is a manicured green territory with swings, villas and sculptures. We have engineered everything to make you as comfortable as possible with gardens, flowers and lily ponds.

The resort has two sections. The first section includes all rooms and the restaurant. The second section includes our villas with direct access to the sea, the pool and spa. The resorts amenities will not leave you indifferent with lots to offer including: immaculate beach with privacy and rock formations. Evening walks on the soft white sands will leave you with an unforgettable vacation.


Every room is thought out with the utmost organization, no matter where you are from you will feel comfortable and at home. At Peaceful Resort, you have the ability to choose exactly where you want to be, by the garden or by the sea. Especially popular, are our villas by the sea with direct sea access. Nothing will distract you from your luxury and comfortable vacation. For large families we offer connecting rooms. Throughout the resort, there is WIFI for you to use at your convenience. In every room there are HDTVs with a large selection of channels for anyone with multiple languages.


The menu of Hoa Su restaurant perfectly combines Vietnamese and European cuisine.  Classical salads, soups, pastas, steaks, and sandwiches perfectly complement the Vietnamese cuisine offered on the menu. Fish, calamari, shrimp, scallops, and even fried crocodile are all specially prepared by expert chefs for you. A pleasant surprise in the morning is a free breakfast buffet for all guests. Every guest can find something for themselves to be happy. Authentic Vietnamese coffee is the perfect drink to start your day off right with maximum energy.


The pride and joy of our resort is our Spa. At Peaceful Resort our Spa can be for relaxing in the Sauna or you can take advantage of our professional masseuses who work to solve problems with your health and muscles. Our masseuses have an average of 30 years of professional experience. We offer several types of massages including the peaceful massage. Acupuncture therapy can help to relieve pain in your back and shoulders. It also makes your skin more elastic and restores the natural balance to your body. Spa sessions use a combination of coconut oil, ginger, herbs and mud to make you feel healthy, beautiful and relaxed.

Our panoramic pool perfectly aligns with the beach, giving you the feeling that you are on the beach without the hassle of the sand. By the pool we have umbrellas and beach chairs for your unlimited use. Sit by the pool under the umbrella and enjoy your morning coffee or one of our many cocktails. The pool is divided in half, one part is deep for adults and the other is shallow for children. The pool has a barrier so parents can feel at ease while their children are playing in the pool. Safety and comfortability for everyone is our ultimate priority. With the breeze from the sea, and the fresh water from the pool, you can forget everything and just enjoy your vacation.


The main attraction in Ke Ga is the oldest lighthouse in Vietnam, with a height of 60 meters. It is recognized as one of the most beautiful lighthouses in Asia. Excursions are offered to the lighthouse, which will take you to the top of the lighthouse to get the best view in Asia. From the resort to the lighthouse it’s only a 10-minute drive. Near the lighthouse there is a seafood market. The best time to visit the market is early in the morning because the fish is caught before the sun comes up.

We offer deep sea fishing for guests of the resort. It is believed that some of the best deep-sea fishing is in South east Asia. Anything you catch while fishing, you can bring back and our chefs will prepare and cook it for you. Also in the area, it is recommended for you to visit the local dragon fruit farms. At night, thousands of lights illuminate the farm. Only at night can you see the white blooms of the dragon fruit flowers. At the farm guests can see how they grow the dragon fruit is grown, and all types of dishes made from the fruit. The white flower, to be seen at night, is called the moon flower, or the queen of the night. Juices, cocktails, deserts and sauces are all made from dragon fruit. But if you aren’t interested in a specially prepared dragon fruit, the fruit stands alone by itself wonderfully.

From Ke Ga it is only a 30-minute drive to Phan Thiet by taxi or bus. 20 kilometers from Phan Thiet is Mui Ne Village. In this village you can visit the red and white sand dunes. Mui Ne is the favorited place of kite surfers and wind surfers from around the world. There are also many schools in the village that offer classes on how to kite surf and wind surf.